David Brogan

1621 Childress Rd
Alum Creek, West Virginia  25003

Phone: 304-756-2776
Email: Dlwolfhound@aol.com

Dave Brogan was a squad leader that was one of two survivors at Diamond FSB. The FSB was overrun and all men in the second platoon that were not out on the ambush patrol were killed that night.Dave was wounded 5 times and the enemy threw 9 chi-com grenades into the bunker he was in. Dennis “Sneeker” Lorenzini was next to Dave when he got killed.Another soldier named Smith who was also in Daves bunker survived that night.Dave is married and he and his wife Belva have 2 sons and a daughter and 9 grandkids.Dave remembers hitting “Moose” in the head accidently with a 2×6 at the fucong bridge which required stitches. Dave also remembers Big Joe Wascom, “Alabama” Butler (Dave and Alabama went to AIT together at Ft Polk), Bill Tennant, Russ Bruns (dave was an ammo bearer for the 90mm recoiless)and Steve Thorpe.