Herb Nye, Second Platoon member remembers this fateful day in a poem.

A Wolfhound’s Story of a June Day 1968

 Written By Herb Nye

 Who served with Charlie Company Second Platoon 1968.

Herb is a decorated Veteran who was awarded the Silver Star for his actions during this fight.

 Written by Herb Nye


 It was early year, Nineteen Sixty-Eight February or March, I don’t remember the date; Some guys in the army, on duty you see Were doing just fine, in Germany; We didn’t think about our dear Uncle Sam Carrying on a war in a place called “Nam”; All the shooting and fighting, was way over there With us in Germany, we hadn’t a care; But Uncle Sam needed boys, the fighting was heavy So he turned toward Germany, and put us on a levy; Straight leg infantry, that’s what they need Mechanized or straight leg, it’s all the same breed Duty bound and loyal, is what you see We left our great tour, of Germany; Boarded the plane, to take a short leave, Then on to “Nam”, with our families to grieve; We arrived in country, on April fools eve It was hotter than hell, would you believe; Cam Ran Bay, was our first stop Then on to Cu Chi, just a short little hop; A lot of new faces you meet on the way Many friends we still have, to this very day; We were cocky and sure, and they put us to the test We gave it our all; we knew we were the best; Sent us to a unit, the proudest one around They took us at our word, and made us “Wolfhounds”, From the very first day, it was plain to see The “Wolfhounds” were bad, as bad as could be; Most was well, through many hot days A few major incidents, tempered our ways; Three clicks or four, in the triangle you see Was a hundred miles further, than we cared to be; Charlie was watching, you didn’t know where He’d come in the night, with his own little scare; Mortars and screams, seemed to fill the air Death was upon you, it was everywhere; One bright day, in the middle of June Death came to visit, all too soon; Today Charlie gets his, we’re going to stomp The Commanders they said “it’s just an easy romp”; Hammer and anvil, they called it that day An easy maneuver, will surely clear the way; Take your positions, set up for the fight You’re the anvil today, we know we got it right; But right is not for certain, even if you are the boss Your simple mistakes, become our burial cross; We set up our positions, just as we had been told The enemy was waiting, our plan was about to fold; Gunfire and grenades, were the order of the day As evening approached, we were ordered to back away; A head count was made, to insure we’re all here The count was short, our worst fear; Two of our Company, were missing for sure What happened to the plan, we thought it was so pure; Missing your friends, is more than you can bear We must do something, but avoid the wild hair; Too late to consolidate, your position for the night We’re missing some friends, we returned to the fight; No guidance to lead you, your instinct now in play Searching for your friends, whom you know are in, harms way; Through the brush and tree lines, carrying with you such hate But as fate would have it, unfortunately, you’re too late; On the ground before you, lay the bodies of friends You can no longer help them, on God they must depend; Still the inner voice is saying, protect them where they fell That moment of indecision, has now brought you to hell; For a moment you stand there, then next you’re on the ground The enemy is playing for keeps, the danger is all around; Death is not always, as sure as it seems Are we really going to die, is it just in our dreams; Bullets are real, they tear and they kill I’m sure all my friends, have had their fill; To realize you’re human, and maybe not so strong What am I doing here, what has gone so wrong? Suddenly it hits you, you’re out here alone

Except for your friends, lying dead and prone;

I am bleeding severely, all is not well

God please take me, save me from this hell;

You pray death comes swiftly, deliver into God’s hands

But an exit to heaven, was not in the plans;

It was four-ten P.M. on that sunny afternoon

More terror was to come, all too soon;

The light has faded and darkness, takes over the sky

I’m still here alive, God tell me why;

When the hour was darkest, there came a bright light

There was no fear, there was no fright;

Out from the light, two visions appear

Their message un-spoken, was to me very clear;

Their warmth and love was directed toward me

It’s not your time, Peace be unto thee

Calm overwhelms, keep from losing your mind

I must have a plan, to get out of this bind;

The dark is your friend, from your enemy’s hide

Left all alone, they think you have died;

The night grew darker, I must continue the fight

Coy and F.O. they lay still to my right;

God forgive me, for what I must do

I must abandon my friends, but I’ll leave them to you;

Crawl through the ditch, escape from their sight

The darkness will cover, your flight in the night;

The escape as planned was not to be

The enemy is now, standing over me;

A shot from his rifle, another wound I now dread

My only chance, I must play dead;

Over me he stands, and takes out my knife

Cutting my belt, will he end my life?;

Death was not, in the cards for me

He turns slowly, and walks to the trees;

Silent and cautious, they must not know

I am alive still, it’s time to go;

A few feet I move, using the cover of night

I must get away, from this awful plight;

Moving ahead, but what’s this from the skies

My own side is dropping flares, blinding my eyes;

Darkness was my cover, what an ironic twist

Another gunshot, removes my watch from my wrist;

Charlie continues to move, all through the night

Now mortars they rain, dropping debris on my sight

The powers in charge, orders offensive rounds

I am helpless to hide, lying here on the ground;

The night grows longer, no more do I fear

Charlie is moving, I listen to hear;

Daylight comes, after a very long night

Another day is dawning, another long fight;

Wolfhounds moving, looking for three

When they arrive, they find only me;

Wolfhounds, Wolfhounds, Rabbi I cry

Do not come for me, for you surely will die;

Charlie’s bait, is what I have become

Lure my friends into death they must think I am dumb;

My friends have come, with Charlie they flirt

Now my worst fear, some of them are hurt;

Charlie watches me warn, my brother Wolfhounds

He waits for others, but he’s way out of bounds;

I will not lure them, into death here today

But thank you Sir Charles, for letting me warn them away;

Direct fire on Charlie, then what do I see

Off to my left, they’re coming for me;

The flame thrower barks, the tree line is ablaze

Suddenly Charlie is covered, with a horrible haze;

Sergeant’s Glover and Hannah, what a wonderful sight

Their movement so swift like a bullet in flight:

Each arm they grabbed, like a rag doll I sag

Pulling like hell, my body they drag;

Across the open field, under covering fire

Pulled to safety, my situation is dire;

Wolfhounds continue to, finish the task

Recover my friends, that’s all one can ask;

My friends I must leave you, I say in a hushed voice

My wounds are serious, it’s not my choice;

Wolfhounds forever, they will look after you

Keep up the fight, and to each other be true;

My days in the field have come to an end Many months in the hospital, on the mend; This unit I’ll love, till my dying day To others who ask, I proudly say; Tried in battle, Charlie tested our worth Too late he learned,